ALD Electric

The future of mobility is electric!

The future has arrived, electric vehicles have become a reality. More and more companies around the world are deciding to include electric and hybrid cars in their fleet in order to reduce emission of greenhouse gases and the impact on climate changes. Our mission as one of the leading companies in the field of Full Service Operating Leasing is to help our clients in the transition to a more sustainable fleet.

ALD Electric is a comprehensive solution that will help you compare available vehicle models, prices and technical data in the most optimal way and enable you to make an objective estimate of the costs of the electric vehicle fleet.

E-car is the right solution for you if:

• Do not drive over 50 kilometers per day

• You drive up to 15.000 km per year

• You have the ability to charge the battery at home/office

• You want to reduce your fleet's greenhouse gas emission

• Corporate social responsibility is one of your business imperatives

For ALD Automotive, the use of clean energy is a step towards sustainable mobility and that is why we are fully adapting our service to the new reality. ALD Electric makes mobility flexible as well as keeping social responsibility in the center of our business strategy.

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